What are CGST, SGST & IGST?

What is CGST?  Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST) is important for intrastate sales, where the seller and customer service are from the same country. The CGST is used for goods and services to enable tax collection in the Central

What is a GST Compliant Invoice?

GST INVOICE  Prior to the implementation of GST, there were various types of active invoices in the system such as tax invoice, asset invoice, sales invoice, etc. However, after the implementation of the GST, all those different invoices were replaced

How to Send Invoice by Email & Get Paid

How To Send Invoice Using PayGo App  Take phone or personal orders to a physically safe place by sending an instant invoice from the PayGo Mobile App. Only enter the amount of money and then the invoice will be sent to

How to Create an Invoice?

Creating, issuing and tracking invoices is an important part of doing business and is important for having more cash flow in the business. Therefore, it is important for all entrepreneurs to know how to create an invoice with the basic

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